Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Three - Top Ten on why Angels 'R' better!

Hola Amigos! Incase you have given civilisation and haven't been around for the last few days than you would know that Karin @ Karin's Book Nook and I have come together to hold a Supernatural Showdown! A week of Guests Posts, Inteviews, Giveaways and Zombies VS. Angels! Winner takes all! who would win?  Anyway, today I have come up with a list of TEN reasons why Angels 'R' better!

Badass Bookie's Top Ten Reasons Why Angels 'R' Better

1) Angels have wings-
- Tell me you don't want to see how it feels to be able to fly, coze it would be totally awesome and it's not like thy are those ugly wings that you see on birds ( phobia of birds right here) They're all soft and fluffy and beautiful. I want wings!

2) All Angels look good :P
- Just look at Patch ( Hush Hush), totally drool-worthy, Angels are pefection in human form ( well the closest thing to it). They are beautiful and totally sexy!

3) Angels look good in Purple
- No offence to all you Zombie Lovers but green skin really isn't my thing. It totally clashes with purple. pffft

4) Angels don't constantly drool
- Again, I would hate to go on a date with a guy who constantly drool. Talk about bad kissing skills :P!

5) Angels are immortal
- I would rather be immortal than undead anyday

6) Angels heal fast
- I would rather heal fast than have chunks my guts sticking out for the world to see

7) Angels live in style
- I would pick Heaven to the cementery anyday.

8) Angels 'R' better than Zombies!
- Just because I say so. My word is law.

9) Angels are cool
- My word is law

10) ( I can't think of another reason)

Is that enough reasons to covince you? Go check out Karin's Top Ten Reason why Zmbies 'R' better HERE
Badass Bookie xx

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