Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Debut of the Month - All About Katie McGarry (Pushing the Limits)

Debutante Profile

Name – Katie McGarry
Debut – Pushing the Limits
Genre – Contemporary
Website – HERE
Blog – Here
Twitter - HERE

Katie was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

Dream Debutante Dress -  My dream debut dress would be my Senior prom dress. I absolutely loved it and I would be thrilled if I could ever fit into it again! And yes, that is me as a teenager.

Notes from a YA Debutante

1) I’m terrified of dead things, the mention of dead things, cemeteries, and funeral homes. I stayed up for forty-eight hours straight after watching Night of the Living Dead.

And people wonder why I write contemporary.

2) I live a block away from a cemetery.

3) In fact, I don’t like scary movies, but I’m drawn to them. I’ll always pester my friends to tell me all about the movies I’m too frightened to see.

4) In college, I was hanging out at the beach one night and by pure luck I got to watch hundreds of baby sea turtles hatch and wander out to sea. I screamed when I first saw the hundreds of small blobs moving on the sand.

5) My best friend owned a dog that ate out of the garbage and dragged its butt on the floor when it walked. We used the dog to test the guys we wanted to date. The guys who petted the dog were keepers.

 My husband petted the dog.

6) I discovered, when I was a child, that bees swarm when you piss them off. My parents discovered that I was not allergic to bee stings.

7) As a teenager, I read THE OUTSIDERS so much that the cover fell off and almost every page in the book was dog-eared.

8) Before we were dating, my husband left daisies on my car. He turned bright red when I hugged him in front of his friends when I figured out he was the one who left them.


Bookie's Note: Thank-you Katie for that wonderful post to kick off August Debut of the Month! You don't know how jelly I am of the fact that saw BABY TURTLES WANDER INTO DA SEA! That's on my bucket list! And The Outsiders is a great book, I read it last year and my book is in tatters as well and covered in sticky notes where I've marked all my favourite quotes! And I think it's normal to fear dead things, I know I do??? O_O Haha, and everyone else come back tomorrow for a giveaway and the 2nd half of Katie's feature!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. This post is AWESOME, and may I say SUPER DUPER entertaining? I love Pushing the Limits, so it was lovely getting to know the wonderful, Katie a bit better and learn some random, but fun, facts! Thanks Lisa and Katie :) Will be back tomorrow for sure!

  2. I hate/scared senseless of anything with zombies in it.. My cousin made me watch Dawn of the Dead and I still sometimes freak out in the middle of the night cause what if...... (yeah, I know it was just a movie) but still!!!

  3. This looks super exciting! I just want to say that I love you and your book pushing the limits. It was truly one of the best books I have ever read and I hope to read many more of your books in the future.

  4. OMG Baby sea turtles? I've only seen them in pictures! SOOO lucky. The daisy thing is adorable :)

  5. I LOVE THIS POST/IDEA!!! WOW!!! And daisies.....awwww...that is the most cutest thing ever!!! And I also LOVED The Outsiders! LOL ;p

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

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  7. must have and read this book soon :)

  8. I loved Night of the Living Dead and scary movies but I get horrible nightmares, so I can understand why you want your friends to tell you about the movies instead of seeing them. That's so sweet your husband left daisies on your car and passes the "pet the dog" test. Sounds like a keeper! I loved Pushing the Limits, it was an amazing debut and I can't wait for Beth's story. I'm hoping we get a glimpse of Noah and Echo in there too! :)

  9. I'm not a fan of dead things, but I do love a good scary movie : ) Also, having daisies left on your car? I die from the sweetness of that! And baby sea turtles? How adorable!!

  10. I'm more afraid of bugs than dead things, personally. I like the dog test, that was cute. Great post! :D

  11. LOVE this, B!

    "As a teenager, I read THE OUTSIDERS so much that the cover fell off and almost every page in the book was dog-eared."

    I've never read The Outsiders, but there's this series of books I pinched from my Dad that I read so often they seriously fell to pieces :D

  12. Dead things are really creepy! I find cemeteries very morbid and I can't even imagine living so close to one! By the way, your husband seems like an amazing man! Guys can definitely be thoughtful and sweet when they want to be ; )

    Thank you for stopping by; this was fun!

  13. Super cute love stoorrryy!! Your husband must really love you so so so much! Plus, the baby turtles event, you're just so lucky!!!

  14. I love the post, seeing all those baby sea turtles hatch would've been amazing!

  15. Her husband petted the dog! awww that's my favourite part the notes section.
    And can I also just say that I love that prom photo of her :)