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Debut of the Month - All About The Wicked and the Just + Giveaway

Book Profile

Name - The Wicked and the Just  (Goodreads)
Author - J. Anderson Coats
Genre - Historical
Release Date - 17th April 2012
Available - The Book Depository

Cecily’s father has ruined her life. He’s moving them to occupied Wales, where the king needs good strong Englishmen to keep down the vicious Welshmen. At least Cecily will finally be the lady of the house.

Gwenhwyfar knows all about that house. Once she dreamed of being the lady there herself, until the English destroyed the lives of everyone she knows. Now she must wait hand and foot on this bratty English girl.

While Cecily struggles to find her place amongst the snobby English landowners, Gwenhwyfar struggles just to survive. And outside the city walls, tensions are rising ever higher—until finally they must reach the breaking point.

The Insider's Scoop

Moderator: For today’s interview, we have Cecily and Gwenhwyfar from THE WICKED AND THE JUST by J. Anderson Coats.  They live in thirteenth-century English-occupied Wales, and they’re going to interview one another.  Cecily is English and Gwenhwyfar is Welsh.  They’ve agreed to be civil. Gwenhwyfar won the coin toss, so she’ll go first.

Gwenhwyfar: First question.  Why are you such a nasty, awful shrew?

Cecily:  Hmm.  That was going to be my first question.

Moderator: You know what?  I don’t think this is going to work.  From now on, I’ll ask the questions.  Gwenhwyfar, tell us what it was like in north Wales before the English came.

Gwenhwyfar:  Hard.  Sore hard.  Prince Llywelyn--who ruled here ere the English slew him in cold blood--had to levy high taxes to keep their lot at bay.  Some of the Welsh nobility were actually happy when the prince fell.  They thought things couldn’t get any worse.  They were, ahem, wrong.

Moderator:  So the taxes weren’t something the English brought with them. Interesting.  Cecily, what was the nicest surprise about Caernarvon?

Cecily:  I like how it can be provisioned by sea.  My father told me that if anyone---

  Don’t you look at me like that.

Cecily: ---if an-y-one ever tries to besiege it, they’ll rot without the walls for a thousand years ere the castle falls.  Ships can sail right up and load in provisions and there’s naught that can be done.  It was built that way special by his Grace the king.  He obviously knew exactly who he was dealing with.

Moderator:  Now now.  Civil, remember?  Gwenhwyfar, if you were in charge of Caernarvon for one day, what would you do?  And you can’t say “burn it down.”

Gwenhwyfar:  Can I say “hang all the English from trees?”

Moderator:  You know what?  This really isn’t working.  Interview’s over. Thank you both for coming.  Please try not to kill each other on the way out.


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