Monday, September 17, 2012

Debut of the Month - All About Jay Kristoff

Bachelor Profile

Name – Jay Kristoff 
Debut – Stormdancer
Genre – YA Dystopian/Steampunk/Fantasy
Website– HERE
Blog -  Here
Twitter - HERE

Jay Kristoff is a Australian Martian who helps old ladies across the street by day and writes YA books by night. He also slays dragons, teaches Irish dancing and plays the ukulele. On a good day you'll find him at home and on a bad day you'll find him at home. He's hobbies include reading Manga, watching Glee and baking cookies in the shape of Dinosaurs. He has a beard.*

*I wrote Jay a new bio because the one they're putting on his book jacket is one BIG, FAT LIE. 

What Jay's Debuting In  Yes. It’s a rocket pack. I should not need to explain any further, because IT’S A ROCKET PACK. ( Bookie's Note : Nuff said. This is SAH you Jay.)

Notes from a YA Debut Author

1. I’m wearing ugg boots as I type this. Rock and roll author life, right here folks.

2. I’m 6 feet, 7 inches tall. No, I can’t play basketball. The weather up here is delightful, thanks for asking.

3. I once dated a girl who was 5’2. This may astonish you, but it didn’t work out.

4. My worst job ever was stapling cardboard boxes for a bakery. I got paid 2 cents a box. Working at optimum speed, with wind conditions just right and the planets in conjunction, I could make nearly 1,000 boxes in an hour. To this day, I can’t look at a stapler without curling into the fetal position and weeping.

5. In my younger days, I had hair down to my waist. It once took a girl six hours to give me corn rows. I was in a band, and this one gig, I did this sweet helicopter headbang move and my hair got caught in the machine heads of my bass and I fell off the stage. True story.

6. I’ve never tasted a strawberry. Which is odd when I think about it.

7. My wife and I got married in Rome. Just because.

8. I once went almost 3 days without sleep. For a bet. Which I lost. :(

9. I started writing STORMDANCER in January 2010. It took 7 months to write. 3 months to find an agent for it. 2 months to get a book deal. And 18 months from date of sale for it to actually see print. I will have handed in my first draft of book 3 to my editors before book 1 hits shelves in the United States.

10. I try to personally thank anyone who writes me a positive review. I don’t know if that’s stalkerish, but I figure if someone has spent eight hours reading my book, and yet more time writing a review to try and convince their friends to read it too, the least I can do is say thank you. :P


Bookie's Note: I'm so excited to feature Jay on the blog this month because he's one of my favourite authors LIKE EVER. WE ARE AUSSIES, HEAR US ROAR! (so much Aussie Pride!) Kristoff, how have you never tasted a strawberry? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING. And I'm kinda hurt you didn't invite me to your wedding... Anywayz everyone come back tomorrow for the second half of Jay's feature and a giveaway!

Badass Bookie xx


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  2. Great interview. I wish I was married in Rome!!! *jealous*

  3. Oh my god, he sounds incredibly cool. NO. 4 made me laugh XD

  4. Haha, he sounds cool XD I've been excited for this book for months! Strange that it's suddenly out so comparatively soon o.O I love steampunk and I love Japan, so this is a total win :)

  5. Agree with Carmen B. He sounds cool. And wow! Your hair was really loooong.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  6. Never tasted a strawberry?! I just reviewed this one and I loved it. Thanks for the interview

  7. Jay who? WHA? Never heard of him...

    Bahaha! This is TWO new bios you've written him, and they keep getting better. Do you think if we petitioned him we could get him to change it on his blog? And Goodreads? And...?

    Ummm... maybe we could throw Mr and Mrs Jay a second Wedding party? With all the bloggers? They don't even need to come? :D

  8. I laughed so hard reading this. The helicopter headbang and worst job stories are so hilarious. I've been wanting to read this for a while now it seems so amazing! I haven't even touched it and I've already recommended it to other people.

  9. I laughed heartily at the headbang helicopter story! :-) I can't help myself but laugh at people falling over...I may have a problem(!)

  10. gosh... great humour... i laughed sooo hard... thanks for that ^^

  11. What a brilliant interview/insight into Jay's head. I wanted to read Stormdancer before but now I want to read just because the author sounds so brilliant!

    My boyfriend plays the ukulele and has been teaching me a little. I know a few chords now and can roughly strum out a song, which is rather fun!

    Thanks for this, I had a nice little giggle.

  12. Mr. Kristoff you're the man! XD I've done rafting,scuba diving and snorkeling but I've gotta try the rocket pack!

  13. loved this post... Jay is awesome... :D

  14. wow you are tall! never tasted a strawberry? why??
    Can't wait to read Stormdancer!! Ive heard sooo many great things about it :)