Thursday, March 15, 2012

Debut of the Month - All About Gina Damico ( Croak)

Debutante Profile

Name - Gina Damico 
Debut - Croak
Genre - Paranormal 
Website - HERE
Blog - HERE
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

I grew up under four feet of snow in Syracuse, New York. I received a degree in theater and sociology from Boston College, where I was active with the Committee for Creative Enactments, a murder mystery improv comedy troupe, which may or may not have sparked an interest in wildly improbable bloodshed. I have since worked as a tour guide, transcriptionist, theater house manager, scenic artist, movie extra, office troll, retail monkey, yarn hawker and breadmonger. Croak is my first novel. I live in Boston with my husband, two cats, and a closet full of black hoodies.

Dream Debutante Dress -  I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga and her outrageous style so great choice Gina!

Notes from a YA Debutante

Ten Items I Own, One From Each Area Of My House:

1. Living Room: a statue of a rooster
When I was living in New York, I left my apartment one morning and saw this little guy sitting outside my gate. I thought he was cute, but I was late for work so I kept going. When I returned several hours later, however, he was still there - and I knew that he and I were meant to be. His name is now Percival Ulysses Cock and he sits atop my DVD collection of Lost.

2. Dining Room: a 100+ board game collection

My husband and I really like board games. Most of them are his, but I've got a few in the mix too. We even had a board game theme at our wedding. NERD ALERT

3. Kitchen: garlic roll

Oh this is just the coolest thing. You peel the garlic and put it into this little wheel with blades in it, and then two more wheels on the bottom let you drive it around like a toy car, and voila - the garlic gets chopped! Thanks, Martha Stewart.

4. Pantry: Keurig coffee maker
I'm pretty late to the coffee party. I hate the taste of the stuff, so my whole life I never drank it before. Then one day I was feeling daring - either that, or my taste buds took the day off - and I tried drinking a whole cup. I hated it so much, the whole darn thing, but I did enjoy the crazy high that followed. So now I drink it somewhat regularly, but only for the sweet, sweet drug within.

5. Bedroom: Simpsons poster

You've probably seen it before - it's all the characters on the show (or at least a goodly percentage of them) all standing for a group photo against a yellow background. I love The Simpsons - even now that the episodes are less than stellar, I still watch, because I've been watching since I was five and how could I not?

6. Bathroom: world map shower curtain

As a soft core geography fan, I find this to be the perfect way to both get clean and learn the capital of Kyrgyzstan all at the same time. (Bishkek!)

7. My office: used bowling pin
I bought this for two dollars at a bowling alley, and now it lives under my desk. I like to put my feet on it or cradle it in my lap while I'm working. I don't know, it's just so cuddly.

8. My husband's office: an Oscar the Grouch needlepoint
Okay, technically I don't own this because it was a gift, but I did make it. I lovingly hand-stitched Oscar holding up a sign that says "Go Away", and Will lovingly put it up on his door to keep me out of his office. Jerk.

9. Basement: an office chair
I bought a cheap office chair from IKEA, which is usually one of my favorite places on earth. So it pains me to have to put baby in the corner, but the wheels wouldn't wheel unless you put weight on them. So if you wanted to just move the chair out of the way without sitting in it, you'd have to drag it across the floor and make a terrible nails-on-chalkboard noise. FAIL.

10. Porch: a house plant

This is also from IKEA. I thought having a plant in my office would be a nice way to brighten it up, and since this plant was from the As-Is section (the pot was slightly damaged), it was half off. Well, turns out my cat loved it too, so much so that he couldn't stop eating it, and then he just went ahead and knocked the whole thing over. So yeah. It's a porch plant now. 


Bookie's Note:  O-kay! Everyone you've just met our March Debutante - Gina Damico! Gina, thank-you for the interesting ( and completely unique) guest post! I'm not going to lie - I'm extremely jealous of your board game collection! I love Monopoly, Cluedo, Pictionary and I'm a complete nut when it comes to board games but no one ever wants to play! Perhaps we should schedule a play date? :D And all my lovely readers, if you want to find out more about Croak and even win a Signed ARC come back tomorrow!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I keep seeing this book cover so it was fun to read an interview with Gina!

  2. This sounds really pervy, but I love seeing what other people have in their houses :D I'm so excited to read this novel, I follow Gina on FB and her blog posts which are hilarious!!

  3. Really eager to read this one! I love all things Reapers :D

  4. I am a fan of Lady Gaga too! Lady Gaga's dress looks awesome!!!! Awesome awesome debut post! Oh, and I LOVE IKEA! <3

  5. I LOVE Oscar the Grouch! And how cool is it to have a world map shower curtain, that way as you shower you can dream of traveling:)

  6. Not really a fan of Lady Gaga, but OMG I want that world map shower curtain too!! It's so weird, but I really love staring at the map and looking at all those cities. Like this one place in Asia, some part of the sea called Male.. Hmm.. And IKEA!! They have THE best cakes in the world.

    Anyway, I've heard and seen so much about CROAK around the blogosphere, and I LOVE books about the Grim Reaper!! Man, I really, really, really, want to read it!!!!:D:D Happy debut!

  7. Haha, it's always cool to find out what's inside an author's mind, and you're no exception Gina! now I'm more eager to see how it all reflects on your book! btw I love The Simpsons too!

  8. fun interview
    croak sounds a hell lot of fun

  9. I really had fun with the interview! It's just awesome and fun! AHAHHAHA! Especially the cat and the plant thing. Lol!

  10. Love this interview! So funny :-) I love the shower curtain ;-)

  11. This book seems interesting.It constantly keeps popping up and I loved the interview!

  12. I want a World Map Shower curtain!! You can learn Geography and wash your parts at the same time...LOL jealous. The book sounds fabulous.

  13. i'm really happy to discover you thanks you for this interview

    all the best

  14. What a fun guest post! I'm happy to discover that I'm not the only one with a world map shower curtain! haha. BTW, the art for the cover of your book it's fantastic, its one of the coolest I've seen so far =D

  15. This was such a great post! I have been looking forward to reading Croak and after that I want it to much more.
    With that shower curtain you could be anywhere !

  16. Great post! I love board games, too. :) And cuddly bowling pin? Lol.

  17. that dress looks uncomfortable!! I think the shower curtain sounds fun... but the coolest thing are the board games! I don't really have many anymore but when I was younger I loved them and would play them even when I didn't have anyone to play with! (it's also a tradition with my cousins to play whenever there's a family lunch!)

    thanks for sharing about your items with us! :)