Friday, April 30, 2010

Series Wrap Up - The Luxe

Okay this is my first series wrap which is another blog feature I have decided to add. Series Wrap is really...a series wrap up ;) Basically it's a post I do after I finish a whole series. It's like a collection mini reviews ;) And my frst is going to be about The Luxe series by Anna Godberson ! I have recently finished her whole series in two months ( one last month and three this month).

1) The Luxe (#1)

I quite enjoyed the first book, I loved the 1800's setting for there were many gentlemen and big frocks in that era ;) Very much like Gossip Girl (seriously) I can even match up like half of the charcters with Blair, Serena, Chuck etc. Something I really liked about this book was you really got to know the charcters. You got to know their personalities, their dreams and their desires. Good opening book !

2)Rumours ( #2)

Very unexpected, the events that happened in this book were very very unexcepted. Wasn't my favourite book in the series but was probably the most important for this book was where most of the action happened. This boom really made you pick your sides with which charcter was the better one. Some wanted to make you slap them in the face while others you wanted to wrap your arms around and give a hug.

3) Envy (#3)

Probably my favourite book in the whole series. I loved how we got to see more of Lina ( one of my favourite charcters) in this novel. Well writeen and easy to read, definitely my favourite in the series. Series of events were well planned and I enjoyed this one.

4) Splendor (#4)

Quite disappointed with how this book ended. Not alot of happy endings I don't think. Parts of the book made me want to cry for the characters. Nothing much kinda stood out in this book everything kinda went around in a circle then ended. not my Favourite.

Overall Rating - 3/5 ( Note- I am a VERY harsh reviewer I rarely give anything over a 3, I think I have given a 4 to about thirty books out all the books I have read and I can count on one hand how many 5's I have given out) A 3 means it is worth reading, I found it enjoyable and actually finshed the book ;)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Hey, great reviews of the whole series - I actually quite agree with you, I also really enjoyed the first three books, but was disappointed with the ending. Nonetheless, I'd rate this series 4.5, but I'm far less harsh than you. :)

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and for featuring my button here! I added your button to my blog roll and became a follower of your blog - I love the name you picked for it, heh!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Haha thank - you ! I absolutley love your blog! One of the few i frequently occupy ;)

    Same goes for you ;) Hapve a GREAT weekend!