Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favourite YA Sequels of 2011!

The other day I wrote a post of my favourite YA Debuts today I'm posting my favourite sequels of 2011! This list only applies to novels that aren't the first book in the series! :) The novels are not necessarily published in 2011 but they have to be read by me (duh!) :)

Badass Bookie's Favourite Sequels of 2011

1) Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter - Review

Heist Society was one of my favourite reads of last year and I just devoured Uncommon Criminal. Ally Carter is simply brilliant and clever when it comes to action-packed novels. I respect that she writes her novels so that the romance is the centre of everything. This is one of my favourite series! You can't go wrong with Ally Carter!

2) Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare - Review to Come

It goes without saying that I'm in love with Clare's Shadowhunter world. I love The Mortal Instruments but I love The Infernal Devices series better! I only just finished this book last night and wow, completely blew my mind. No one writes romance like Cassandra Clare and no one can make me laugh like her! Clockwork Prince was everything I thought it would and more! A must-read! TEAM JEM <3 

3) Defiance by Lili. St Crow - Review

The Strange Angel series is one that I have come to love and Defiance is my favourite book of the series so far! I've only got Reckoning to read and part of the reason I haven't is because I don't want it to be the end! Dru is badass and fearless, she reminds me a lot of Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy and the boys in this book are just gorgeous! 

4) Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - Review

I know technically that Lola is a companion novel not a sequel but when I think Lola I think Anna and they just seem like a series to me you know? Anyway, what is there not to love about Perkins? She's brilliant and her novels are a guaranteed funny, cute and romantic, ditch-your-date worthy reads! I have to say that I liked Anna better but Lola was amazing as well and many people have said they like Lola better so to each for their own!

5) Beautiful Days by Anna Godberson - Review

I'm officially in love with the Jazz Age, I mean, the glamour and the parties and the scandals! I wasn't that much of a fan of Godberson's The Luxe series but I found myself really enjoying this series! Beautiful Days was a combination of drama and romance and I fell in love with the characters as well as the 1920's. This is historical fiction at it's best!

Runner - Ups

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins - Review 

The Lost Saint by Bree Despain - Review

It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han - Review

Shadowspell by Jenna Black - Review

Where She Went by Gayle Forman - Review

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I gotta say, Charlie Higson's sequel to The Enemy totally rocked. It's called The Dead. A YA Zombie series that isn't for the faint of heart.

  2. YES especially to Lola, Demonglass and The Lost Saint!!! I think the world will end the day Stephanie Perkins writes a bad novel. Which will NEVER happen. And oh man... The Lost Saint and Demonglass were amazing. SOO excited to see what happens in the last books! I so need to start Heist Society soon, I have both that and Uncommon Criminals. Awesome list, Lisa!


    That's all I have to say!!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  4. Great list! I fell in love with Lola and the Boy Next Door, Where She Went, and It's Not Summer Without You.