Monday, May 24, 2010


Finished reading this book on Saturday ( stayed up elevenish at night trying to finish it). Okay, before I start, I have to say THIS WAS NOTHING THAT I EXPECTED. I was expecting something to do with faeries because wintergirls (the winter court = faeries) Anyway, no it turned out to be about some chick with anoexia who's best friends has just died. First disappointment. Then, I was like okay, who cares I read depressing novels too so I kept on reading. Then Lia ( anoexia chick) starts cutting herself and the texts gets so graphical about blood and gore I almost threw up my dinner. Second disappointment. Okay, so I was like that's cool and everything, I caan survive a story about emo, anoexia chick. So, I read, read and read then I finish the book. Now, I ask myself this question? WHAT ON EARTH AND SURROUNDING PLANETS WAS THAT ABOUT????? I thought and thought and thought. I came up with - some book that has way too lyrical language about some emo, anoexic chick that had no plot.

So as you can read, I didn't enjoy the book very much ( or at all) but on a sidenote it was...different so a change is good. Well, didn't excatly enjoy it but it was different.
Rating 1/5 D:
Badass Bookie xx