Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Explanation and An Apology

Sooooo you guys (yes, all ten of you who actually read my blog!) might have noticed that I haven't been around lately. In fact, I haven't really been around since December's Debutante Event and I think I owe it to your guys to explain what's been happening... 

Okay, SO this year I started my senior years at school and honestly, education is kicking my ass. It's been a wake up call for me because I've never really had to study for exams. I've always been one of those kids who breezed through classes and got pretty good grades. So I went into this year thinking that it was going to be more or less the same. 


This year has been a huge slap in the face. The work load is enormous and I have never felt so stressed in my life. I have a never ending list of assignments, I'm struggling in my classes, I'm pulling all nighters, I don't even go out on weekends anymore (not that I used to but I like to have that option, you know?)! For someone who used never did any homework and would cram for exams the night before, it's a huge change. I've had to change all my study habits and really take a step back and reorganise my priorities. Most of the time I feel like this -

And as much as I love my blog, reading and hanging out with people in this awesome community, my future is kinda on the line. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my life yet *cough* marry someone rich and never have to work *cough* but I want to do as well as I can so I have plenty of opportunities. I want to be successful and if that means giving up weekends, time for blogging and reading, my soul and my other hobbies ( except food) then so be it. 

I try to get at least one blog post up every week but it's hard. The last thing you want to do after writing a 25 page assignment is write a 600 word review. More importantly, I don't even have the time to READ. I've gone from reading 10-15 books a month to reading 20 books in FOUR months. So I don't even have that many books to review! 

I have thought about taking a break but I enjoy blogging too much. I don't want to give it up and I would rather get one post up a week than not post at all. I know I haven't been doing Breakfast with the Bookie posts, I haven't been writing reviews, debut of the month is more often than not late and I've given up on book hauls altogether (although you can follow me on instagram for them - lisayuuu) and I'm very very SORRY about it! 

Please forgive me and I'm going to try to get more posts up but it's just really hard! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me over the years and who still read my blog ( yes, all TEN of you!). So I guess I'm going to head back into my little cave of loneliness and homework now...

Badass Bookie xx

PS - this post is probably filled with spelling and grammatical error but I'm too lazy to proof read. Ain't nobody got time for that. 


  1. I'm sure it's a number much larger than 10 to read and love your blog. I mean - I'm an email subscriber who never comments cause I be super lazy. But I read all your posts.

    Good luck with school. Your blog will still be here when you're done. I think it's admirable of you to realize that you need to concentrate more on your studies... I'd do the foolish thing of trying to keep up with both at the detriment to sleep and everything else.

  2. talk about foolish things, I am keep doing now......

  3. If I were smarter (or more pressured by my parents or ambitious) I'm sure my year 12 experience would be even more hell-ish than they were. (I took fairly easy subjects for an Asian.)

    Good luck, BABE. :P Completely agree with whyanot. Your blog will still be here and even if you don't post for a bit no real harm will have been done. I'm ridiculously inconsistent and I'm still here, maybe that's because we all need breaks sometimes (some more than others...). I'm sure all your readers appreciate the explanation!

  4. It sucks that your so stressed and busy, it sounds like a very draining time for you. Just like Cass said, sometimes I'm really inconsistent and disappear off the grid for a while but I always come back. So go away and focus on your studies and ace those tests and be brilliant and we'll be waiting for you when you return. Best of luck and sending you chocolate chip cookies to keep you going!

  5. Ho dear, try to relax a little please.... you won't manage it if you put even more pressure on yourself. your studies come first we all understand that don't worry we will be there when you get more time. reading must stay a pleasure

  6. I completely agree with commenter- whyanot!!

    I also read your blog through emails..also bloglovin too!!

  7. Sorry to hear you're so stressed out. Of course we understand, school work comes first - it's got to be the most important focus.
    I hope it eases up a bit for you though. We'll be here when you come back. :D

  8. I am sorry you are's perfectly okay to take a break and come comes first!

  9. I hope you don't get too stressed about feeling as if you need to have a certain amount of posts in a month, because it's not worth stressing about as blogging is always supposed to make you happy! I think, if you do find yourself overloaded, you shouldn't shy away from a little break, though it's great you love it too much for that right now. x

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