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Day Nine: LANDRY PARK + Giveaway

Book Profile

Name - Landry Park (Goodreads)
Author - Bethany Hagen
Genre - Science Fiction
Release Date - February 4th 2014

In a fragmented future United States ruled by the lavish gentry, seventeen-year-old Madeline Landry dreams of going to the university. Unfortunately, gentry decorum and her domineering father won't allow that. Madeline must marry, like a good Landry woman, and run the family estate. But her world is turned upside down when she discovers the devastating consequences her lifestyle is having on those less fortunate. As Madeline begins to question everything she has ever learned, she finds herself increasingly drawn to handsome, beguiling David Dana. Soon, rumors of war and rebellion start to spread, and Madeline finds herself and David at the center of it all. Ultimately, she must make a choice between duty - her family and the estate she loves dearly - and desire.

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The Insider's Scoop

The Inspiration for Landry Park

I'm always fascinated to hear how different authors find inspiration for their stories. For some, it seems to be a single moment or experience that spawns a story, and for others, it's a gradual evolution. I think Landry Park was one of those--something that snowballed over time, just waiting for the right catalyst.

Ever since I started reading something other than Animorphs and Sweet Valley Twins, I've loved stories from the past. I loved Jane Eyre and Jane Austen's oeuvre especially, but also anything to do with King Arthur and Shakespeare. And then, in college, when my husband and I ate lots of ramen noodles and lived in an apartment where the layout of the units allowed me to hear (in vivid detail) my neighbors using the bathroom, I went through a phase where I only watched the Science Channel. Every night, I fell asleep to Paul Gasek droning about the birth of the solar system, and while I studied for my classes, I watched shows about black holes and dark matter and whether or not a super-volcano was going to blow up Wyoming. 

So then, King-Arthur-obsessed, Regency-gown-loving, Science Channel nerd that I was, I got a job at the local museum. Where, when I wasn't terrifying fourth graders with outlawed classroom-control tactics, I patrolled exhibits featuring the Gilded Age and the Edwardian Era. I gave tours of the 1950's All-Electric House and read books about Cold War nuclear hysteria.

And over the course of a year, things started to come together. Atoms and lacy dresses and radiation burns and lavish parties. And during the long hours at the one-room schoolhouse, waiting for visitors, in between bouts of cutting slate rags with pinking shears, I started writing the story. 

And even though it morphed and changed dramatically over time, I can still clearly see how all these ideas melded together to become Landry Park.


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