Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Eternal Ones

Review Time! Guys, I really excited about reviewing this one because it was absolutely the cutest thing ever! Okay, so The Eternal Ones written by Kirsten Miller, published and out in shops last week ( I think). Anyway, don't judge THIS book by it's cover, it may be a be abit plain looking but the story is far from that! 

 Anyway, the short story? A really, really cute romantic read woven together by a beautiful writing style.

The long story? The book was split up into two parts which I like to call Before Iain and After Iain anyway, this is a book about reincarnation and how two lovers whose relationship ended badly in the last life continue to be attracted to each other in this life. Haven who was a rich girl called Constance in the last life believes that the love of her life Ethan, is notorious party boy Iain Morrows in this life.

Anyway, in my opinion this was probably one of the better books that I have read this year ( no Glimmerglass or Spirit Bound but one of the better ones :P) The Before Iain part was pretty long and my opinion, too long and a tad boring. However, I guess the fact that the After Iain part was so fast-paced it kinda made up for it. The romance in this book can rival any best romances out there, it was simply so so so sweet! A but too much religion in this one too but I guess the fact that it has something to do with reincarnation, it all fits. Haven and Iain are definitely one of the cutest character couples! The highlight for this book I guess is that it was so romantic you simply can't dislike it! The writing style was beautiful, great characters, extremely clever plot, fantastic romance and a great read to dig into! Rating - 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Great review! I loved this book too. I have read a review that called Haven stupid for her choices and that she made dumb choices and the reviewer hated the book. But in my review I pointed out she was seventeen and raised in a very sheltered place with a sheltered life. I made a lot of bad choices at seventeen and believed a lot of lies told to me. I forgave her mistakes just based on her being young. I really hope there's a next one. I loved this book. But the cover was a little bland.