Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Fifteen - All About ... Lisa and Laura Roecker ( The Liar Society)

When I said twelve Debs I meant thirteen because The Liar Society is written by not one but two debutantes! Lisa and Laura Roecker are today's featured Debutantes and you probably don't want to hear me talk so I'll get on with it...

Debutantes Profile

Names - Lisa and Laura Roecker
Debut - The Liar Society
Genre - Mystery
Website - HERE
Blog - HERE
Twitter - HERE
We're sisters-turned-writing-partners with a love of all things Young Adult. Call it arrested development or immaturity, but it keeps us young and it's cheaper than botox.
Lisa Roecker read her first Nancy Drew book when she was 9, which she promptly abandoned for something far more interesting by Christopher Pike or Lois Duncan. She attended Miami University with a double major in Marketing (because her dad made her) and English Literature (because she loved it). She graduated and took a deeply boring job that paid the bills. Eventually she started writing with her sister to keep things interesting.

Laura Roecker watched Lisa read by nightlight and fell in love with books because her big sister said she should. She graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Middle Childhood Education in an effort to relive those awkward years all over again. After teaching for several years and telling her students how much she'd love to write a book, she finally realized her dream when she found a writing partner in her sister.

Dream Debutante Dresses -
Lisa's Dream Dress ....
Laura's Dream Dress
In case you haven't realised Lisa's dress was kind of a joke.... :P she actually has great taste!

Author's Own Message ( ie when they talk about themselves :P)

Lisa: We need to tell Badass Bookie’s readers all about us.

Laura: You mean about our glamorous writing life in Cleveland?

Lisa: Something like that. But let’s leave out the part about us wearing yoga pants and Uggs. Let’s pretend we wear day dresses and heels like Tim Gunn says we should.

Laura: I can get on board with a day dress. Oooh, by the way I totally picked out my debutante dress. But not in white. J.Crew is making a special dress for me in Navy. Gorge.

Lisa: Debutante dress? I didn’t know we could choose a debutante dress? And since when does J. Crew take custom orders?

Laura: J.Crew is surprisingly open to my style ideas. And I went ahead and chose your dress for you. Celery is such a good color on you.

Lisa: *single tear* OMG. Have you seen my skin in the winter? And why do I have to look like the mother of the bride? I hate you.

Laura: Oh stop sniffling and tell everyone about our writing process.

Lisa: No, I’m checking Twitter and I still haven’t recovered from the fug of the green dress. You do it.

Laura: Fine. Lisa always writes the first chapter because she’s the boss (and older, hence the mother-of-the-bride dress) and I edit her chapter and write the next one, send it back and we continue until the book is done. Happy?

Lisa: Wait, you left out how we talk on the phone for hours every day and write emails to each other using our joint email account.

Laura: Oh yeah. Our husbands want to divorce us because all we do is talk. About writing. And reading. And our Amazon rank.

Lisa: Cleveland plus yoga pan…er day dresses plus the same phone/email conversations every day plus a hot potato writing process plus a whole lot of editing and a few tears = Lisa and Laura Roecker.

Laura: And Chipotle and Frosties and Twizzlers and Diet Coke too. Speaking of, I could totally go for a burrito right now but I don’t want to look bloated in my ball gown.

Lisa: Ha! My dress jacket hides EVERYTHING.


Haha I LOVE this post guys! Cleveland sound glamorous anyway, even if you guys wear yoga pants,eh, day dresses with your UGGs, I mean, heels :P I don't know what a frostie or a twizzler is but they do sound really good, hang on, let me google it... yep looks good! Lisa, smart thinking about the jacket, that way you can eat a full meal at the reception but still look good for the photos after it !

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Can't wait to read this one. You two are amazing together. I love when family work together. :) Lisa's dress looks a bit like Fiona's from Shrek. :P

  2. Haha... You two are hilarious. Makes me wish I had a sister. *tear* :(
    I love reading all your posts, so I'm sure The Liar Society is going to be such a fun book! Can't wait.

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  4. I am SO glad that dress was a joke. :p
    You two are so funny! I can't wait for Liar Society--it's sure to be just as fun as you are!

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys! We're so excited to see what you think of The Liar Society in March!

  6. Haha, I love this post! So funny! (I Looooove Frosties!!)

  7. I like how you always have the dream debutante dress. It adds so much personality to your interviews.

  8. I want to go out for Chipolte with these two girls, or go to the movies and eat Twizzlers, anything but shopping, I'm afraid of what unspeakable evil Laura would fugly me out in!

  9. if that is a sample of their writing I CAN'T WAIT FOR TLS!!! I am still laughing!

  10. funny interview.Love it

    The dress are simple but elegant

  11. Hilarious! The celery green dress jacket thing would hide everything! I love their writing voice already, I can't wait to read their book when it comes out.

  12. Love the Roecker sisters and I'm so looking forward to reading their book!

  13. Love these 2, they remind me of me and my sister. Hadn't heard about their book before, sounds really good!

  14. Well, whenever they might maybe be the Mother of the Bride, they already have a dress on stand-by

  15. great interview
    the roecker sisters rock and they are pretty :)

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