Monday, December 6, 2010

13 To Life

Review Time! Not part of 2011 Debutante Event! I said in my last review that I was trying to take down as many 2010 debuts as possible before the end of the year and I wasn't joking either, I am reading frantically!!! 13 To Life by Shannon Delany is a 2010 Debut ( see how supportive I am of Debutantes? I promise to buy all your books Debs!) AND I have to say it's probably one of my favourite too...

The Short Story? - W.O.W ( stands for Words of Wonder NOT World of Warcraft), beautiful and witty, mysterious and addictive. 13 to Life is as close to a perfect debut as it can get! ( kinda like Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg, also one of my favourite debuts)

The Long Story? Pietr is Russian, Dimitri from Vampire Academy is Russian therefore - I like Russians! So that was my first thought of the book. My second thought was - I don't get the title, my last thought was - I don't get the title AND my thought right now is I don't get the title! However, I'm not holding it against the book because the goods outweigh the bad.

So if you're wondering - why Badass, are you praising this book when you can find at least one flaw in everything you read ( except VA and MI and CA) the answer my dear readers is that it's simply so beautifully structured and written it's hard to NOT like it, Shannon Delany is probably one of the only authors I can thing of at the top of my head that writes 'comfortably' I don't know if it's just me or something but I find that sometimes when I read a book it's kinda awkward like wearing a new pair of shoes, it takes time to grow comfortable. This probably one of the main reasons that I loved this book.

Secondly, the romance in this book was really cute, I can not read a book without as least a tad of romance so romance is a must in my reading! The relationship between Pietr and Jessie was is one that is full of something that is deeper than teenage hormones, it seems wiser and sweeter and I can't wait to read it blossom in the second book!

Last but not least, I respect that although Jessie was kinda of the loser chick and Pietr was the new HOT guy at least it wasn't like Pietr was too popular ( ie Jock) so it was still kinda believable so no too cliche-y which is good because originality is the key to making history people! Rating 4.5/5 ( did I mention Pietr was Russian?)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I loved this book, too. It wasn't as fast-paced as I am used to, but that was kinda refreshing. I actually have voted this cover as one of my tops of 2010.

  2. I loooooove this book too! One of my faves this year! And the cover art is just gorgeous! I remember seeing this at RT when I was lucky enough to go this year and I was immediately drawn in! Can't wait for the next one!!