Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My life is Average ( Confessions of the Badass Bookie)

I have decided to write down all my heartfelt words about my bookish life so far. I think a reader should always remember how their love for books first blossomed. So this is mine...

 Well, I am your typical teenage girl. My life envolves around friends, family, boys, school and Books. You see, when I was younger like when I was eight I used to HATE reading (seriously now I think I might have had ADHD, sounds like a good reason to reject books but.. NO) I remember the first books I ever bought were the Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot. It was my ninth birthday and I decided I wanted to buy books but the funny thing was that I didn't know you had to read books in order. I bought book one,three and six because you see, even then I was a sucker for good covers so I just bought the ones that were pretty ;P. Soon I found out that I have to read BOOKS IN ORDER so I spent the next two months getting the rest of the books in the series. However, I didn't actually pick up the series and read it until the following year ( I know I was a bit young but I have always read books suited for a older age group) Anyway, I read the series and feel in love with reading so thank-you Mrs Meg Cabot for my love of reading ( it is also why I have read pratically every book written by Meg)

Now days, I can't think of my life without books. I read and read and read but you see, in my reality none of my friends are avid readers. Even the ones that own bookshops are just sometimes readers, I have no one to share my love of books so I pretend I am a 'sometimes' reader too. No one knows about me blogging or that my bookshelf over flows with books or that I read in my free time. I'm just another teen who watches Masterchef and Gossipgirl or Glee in their free time ( I actually do watch Gossipgirl but...) No one knows about my *addiction* to books. I'm just an average teenager to my firends and peers.

I found out in the Christmas holidays that there was actually a whole COLONY of avid readers who haven't found a cure to their book addiction all over the world and that we are all connected by the books we read and by the internet ( God Bless Internet). Anyway, I discovered Goodreads in Feb and started my own blog in March and now I am living in my own happily ever after among people who don't know who I am all over the world but share my addiction to books and reading :D The End?

Far from it. Now I deal with the problem of too many books too little time :P
Btw, I'm currently reading like three books which is probably why I haven't managed to actually finish a book.

Badass Bookie xx

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