Friday, February 15, 2013

Debut of the Month - All About Laurie Boyle Crompton (Blaze)

Debutante Profile

Name – Laurie Boyle Crompton 
Debut – Blaze
Genre – Contemporary
Website– HERE
Facebook -  HERE
Twitter - HERE

Laurie Boyle Crompton's debut, BLAZE (or, Love in the Time of Supervillains), is available now! Her next book with Sourcebooks is titled THE REAL PROM QUEENS OF WESTFIELD HIGH and her novel ADRENALINE will be published by FSG/Macmillan in 2014. Laurie caught the writing bug back in high school while reading one of her essays aloud to her classmates. They laughed in all the right places and it was like the opposite of that nightmare where everyone laughs as you stand there in your underwear. It made her giddy with power and she’s been happily writing ever since. Laurie and her family split their time between Queens and New Paltz, NY.

Dream Debutante Dress - What fangirl wouldn’t love this dress with a built-in cape? And if there’s one thing Batman has taught us all, everything comes down to who’s got the coolest accessories. 


Laurie has truly gone all out with her debutante gown, not only has she picked a mysterious yet beautiful dress, she has also found a mask (of sorts) and shoes to match. All she's missing a secret identity :P

Notes from a YA Debutante

10 Things About Laurie: 

1. She’s very excited to be a Badass Debut! As a superhero fangirl she loves to think of herself as Badass in as many ways as possible!

2. She grew up in Butler, Pennsylvania the small rural town where Blaze also happens to live. This is not because she is too lazy to research new settings. Okay, that may be part of the reason.

3. She got the heck out of Butler as soon as humanly possible and now resides on Long Island close to NYC. But she loves to steal away upstate to New Paltz which is a town quite similar to Butler in many ways. The irony of this is not lost on her.

4. If she could choose one superpower it would absolutely be the power to fly. Like, honestly more than a grown woman should wish she could fly.

5. She graduated first in her class from St. John’s University. This is because she loves to read and was an English major and not because she is actually all that smart.

6. Among her numerous jobs she once wrote for a toy magazine and appeared on television as a ‘toy expert.’ Yes, it was every bit as cool as that sounds.

7. She and her husband lived in England for six months before having children.

8. She likes feeling jet-lagged and wishes she could travel overseas more often. Just for the jet-lag. And maybe for the travel, too.

9. Her absolute favorite author in high school was Stephen King. One of the minor characters in Blaze has a seriously twisted backstory as a result of this. Laurie will never tell anyone what that backstory is unless she maybe meets Stephen King one day and he asks her about it.

10. She painted her first car hot pink when she was seventeen years old. Blaze gives her minivan a similar makeover in the book. This was in order to pay homage to that legendary car and not because Laurie is too lazy to make new stuff up. She genuinely loves making new stuff up. 


Bookie's Note: What a great way to kick start 2013 Debut of the Month! Laurie thank-you so much for agreeing to be a February Debutante! Out of all the jobs in the world, Toy Expert sounds like it has it's perks, I'm sure my brother would definitely agree :') I LOVE TO TRAVEL TOO and I'm not a whiner about jet lag either, I don't exactly loveeee it but hey, it's all gewd! When I get my car, I'm going to stick stickers all over it, not as badass as your idea but I guess I'm not that brave! :D

Remember to come back tomorrow to see the second half of Laurie's feature and for a giveaway! :)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. BLAZE has its feminist heart in the right place: seventeen-year-old narrator Blaze, a comic book aficionado, plots revenge on a love 'em and leave 'em boy who slept with her one time by creating "The Blazing Goddess vs. Mark the Shark" and distributing it via the Internet. Alas, Mark isn't willing to accept his comeuppance, and proceeds to make Blaze anathema by posting a photo of half-naked Blaze in turn.

  2. I wish I could live in England for a bit. It sounds brilliant!

  3. A hot pink car would be awesome and flying is one of the best superpowers to have. Love the dress, it is so pretty. This is an awesome post, thank you for sharing great facts about Laurie and I can't wait to read her book.

  4. Thanks for sharing and congrats to Laurie on her new release! That gown is gorgeous! :)

  5. I'd love to travel too!
    And Toy Expert! Seriously? that's one really cool title :)

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