Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Which I Cast My Own Peeta and Gale

Well, today is one sad day, woke up this morning to find that it's been confirmed that Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will be playing our Peeta and Gale.

This is how it goes -

*wakes up*
*turns twitter on*
*find cast for Peeta and Gale*
*Jumps up and down*
*Page loads*
*stares at page*
*throw self on ground and throw tantrum*
*turn off computer because it's too depressing*


Personally, neither of them are suited for either roles. BUT at least they could cast Liam Hemsworth ( with the blond hair and blur eyes as Peeta) and Josh Hutcherson as Gale ( with dark hair and the similarities stop there) HOWEVER, noooo they cast Josh as Peeta and Liam as Gale.

Well, I've put together a list of bachelors who would have been SO.MUCH.BETTER.

MY Picks for Peeta -

1) Max Irons - Red Riding Hood as Henry

2) Alex Pettyfer - I Am Number Four as Number Four

3) Zach Roerig - Vampire Diaries as Matt

MY Picks for Gale -

1) Taylor Lautner - Twilight Saga as Jacob

2) Adam Gregory - 17 Again as Dom

3) Gaspard Ulliel - WHO CARES?

All of these actors could have been better, really I'm so sad and disappointed, I was looking forward to the castings...the least they could is DYE THEIR HAIR ( Josh and Liam I mean)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I don't mind their pick for Peeta, but god, I HATE LIAM AS GALE!

  2. They aren't my first choices for Peeta or Gale either, but they'll dye their hair the right colour (they already said they're going to for Jennifer/Katniss) and... well they must have done something amazing to impress the directors/Suzanne Collins, so I have faith!

    My original choices for Peeta were Hunter Parrish or Lucas Till. I know Alex was talked about a lot, but I really didn't want him as Peeta. He has more of an arrogant, hot-boy feel to him which Peeta isn't. I can "kind of" see Adam Gregory as Gale... but not much! And I only ever see Gaspard as Christian Ozera in VA :D

    Deep breath, Lisa! I bet by the time we have trailers and see the movie in full, you'll be squeeing in delight at it's epicness. Cross your fingers!

  3. I really want to know who is going to play my favorite character: Haymitch.

  4. Alex Pettyfer, really?

  5. -sigh- im not happy about it, but ill still go to see the movie.. i wanna know who will be Cinna!

  6. WHAAAAAT. D:< ugh. Josh is kinda iffy for Peeta, I need to see him as a blonde, but, but, the guy that dated Miley Cyrus for Gale?! Dark, olive skinned guy-I-always-liked Gale?? I mean, it's not gonna stop me from seeing this movie but awww.

  7. I don't really have a problem with Josh, I mean once the dye his hair you'll look much more like Peeta. I'd rather they cast someone they feel is right for the role then going on looks alone, however I just can't get over Liam's casting. I mean really as Gale, I don't get it! :(

  8. I must read this series. On the plus side though.. your picks are HOT HOT HOT!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! XD Thats pretty much how my day went too. I think Josh is an okay pick. I have faith that he can act the part (I've always liked his acting in the past) and Suzanne Collins has given him some awfully high praise. But Liam? No. Just noooo..... I don't think I can ever get over that bad casting decision. :/

  10. I think your choices are definitely better:)