Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Debut of the Month - The Symptoms of My Insanity + Giveaway

Book Profile

Name - The Symptoms of My Insanity (Goodreads)
Author - Mindy Raf
Genre - Contemporary
Release Date - April 18th 2013

When you’re a hypochondriac, there are a million different things that could be wrong with you, but for Izzy, focusing on what could be wrong might be keeping her from dealing with what’s really wrong.

I almost raised my hand, but what would I say? “Mr. Bayer, may I please be excused? I’m not totally positive, but I think I might have cancer.” No way. Then everyone at school would know, and they would treat me differently, and I would be known as “Izzy, that poor girl who diagnosed herself with breast cancer during biology.”

But Izzy’s sense of humor can only get her so far when suddenly her best friend appears to have undergone a personality transplant, her mother’s health takes a turn for the worse, and her beautiful maybe-boyfriend is going all hot and cold. Izzy thinks she’s preparing for the worst-case scenario, but when the worst-case scenario actually hits, it’s a different story altogether—and there’s no tidy list of symptoms to help her through the insanity.

The Insider's Scoop

1) I randomly met my editor at a stand-up comedy show. She watched me do stand-up, we chatted after the show, and later that week she emailed me about writing YA. (At the time I mostly wrote stand-up, sketch comedy, humor essays)

2) The bra fitting scene in the first chapter is the actual first scene I wrote as Izzy.

3) In the first draft Izzy’s dad was around. He lived nearby with a new wife who was an ex plastic surgeon/current spiritual healer.

4) There wasn’t a working title for the book until the third round of revisions. We always just referred to it as “Izzy” or “Izzy & Co”

5) My own mother (who was battling stomach cancer) passed away during the third revision. Finishing the book was especially tough, though at times quite cathartic. (Sending love your way Mindy!)


Katie is giving away (1) SIGNED Copy of The Symptoms of My Insanity + Bookmarks!

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  1. Congrats to Katie on the new release!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Congrats!! Thanks for the insider's scoop!

  3. Sounds like a fun story about a hypochondriac and would be interesting to see their pov. thanks!

  4. I'm loving the title and can't wait to read the "bra fitting scene". Thank you for the Insiders Scoop.

  5. I have this on hold at the library and I'm really excited to check it out-I'm hoping for a pretty funny novel!

  6. congrats on the release! love it

  7. Sooo stoked to check this book out! Goodreads overview instantly got me hooked. :)

  8. OMG how sad that Mindy's mother never got the chance to read the finished book, I am sure she would have been so proud :)

    Regarding the book, just the synopsis itself shows me the sarcasm humour that I love, looking forward to reading this book :D

  9. I would love to experience this book.

  10. Congrats! I think that this is a perfect read for summer and I would love to have it on my bookshelf :)

  11. This books sounds great!
    I love hearing how authors meet their editors. Many are pretty traditional but some (like Mindy!) have really neat stories.
    Very interesting post and thanks for sharing!
    Can't wait to give a read :D

  12. Awesome giveaway, I'd love to read this book. :)

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